Below is a group of resources that I personally use and trust


Four Sigmatic

I'm all about health and CONVENIENCE. This company makes the most delicious mushroom coffee and elixirs, filled with quality organic ingredients. The beauty is they come in single use pouches that you can put in your bag to take on the go. You just mix with warm water. They also taste delicious. You can use code TEDIFISH for a discount. 

Super Maqui

Super Maqui

These little Chilean power house berries are a great everyday superfood that are proven to help with inflammation, sugar metabolism, and eye health. It's antioxidant value is 7X more than the acai berry and 9X more than goji berries. These strong antioxidant values help slow the process of aging and prevents the development of cancer cells. Use code 'supertedi' for a discount. 





Acupuncture Today

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine news source with current articles and research in the field. 


Yinova Blog

I love this blog for all things Chinese Medicine. Jill Blakeway is a TCM practitioner living in New York who works mostly with pregnancy. However, the blog is full of all sorts of TCM pearls.