Really wonderful experiences with Dr. Tedi Martin. She is patient, supportive, and brings great balance of perspectives of eastern medicine and western anatomy to her practice. Have seen her for musculoskeletal issues and for fertility and delivery of baby. Love her!

- Anonymous

I really liked how Tedi explained everything she was doing step by step, as it was my first time having acupuncture.

I came to my appointment with little to no range of motion in my neck after sleeping funny the week before, and although I had gone to a few massage appointments in the meantime, nothing had seemed to help. After my appointment with Tedi, within just a few hours I had about 90% of my normal range of motion back in my neck. She not only addressed my neck, she also gave me some suggestions on foods to eat and to stay away from to help reduce my psoriasis and increase my energy levels.

If you're looking for someone who's professional, holistic and truly cares about your well being go see her, your body will thank you later!! 

- Deidre Sirianni

I wanted to share my appreciation for the services and care I received from Tedi as an acupuncturist at Qi Integrated health. I loved her holistic approach; she always allowed for extra time for me share anything that we hadn't yet addressed; and she always explained the process so I wasn't left guessing what would happen next. Every time I left Tedi's office I felt extremely relaxed and would look forward to the next visit. I would recommend Tedi to any of my friends seeking to explore the acupuncture health approach.

- Kaitlyn Merritt

My husband and I have been extremely happy with the treatment that Tedi gives us for our different health issues through acupuncture. I have had acupuncture throughout the years and I am confident with her knowledge, pleased with her bedside manners along with her precise targeting for pain control and elimination. I would recommend Tedi to my friends and family. 

- Elizabeth Backman